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April 03, 2008



call me a pansy, but these commercials brought tears to my eyes. As a new dad, I find I'm reminiscing about my own childhood more and more. The points you make about the way TUrkish kids are raised these days are honestly one of the things that makes it hardest to imagine raising my kids in an Adana flat. To imagine Aksel not having a chance to fix something in the garage, slide in the grass or run home in the mud breaks my heart.


These are really good Ads Tom. I wonder if the advertising companies that were employed to make the Commercials were Turkish marketing companies or Foreign because the Ad Gingle and Theme is quite unique.

Ads in Australia always focus on providing the guilt trip for the housewife. If you love your children then you would use such and such product.

Good Post.

jane krauss

Tom, this is amazing, thanks for sharing. Have you heard of "Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder?"


Yeah, this one of the football game gets to me every time I watch it. We were fortunate that there was a big park near us with lots of trees and slopes, and nobody to tell the boys to get off the grass. In the winter they could sled on cardboard boxes and in the summer have toy gun skirmishes with lots of other kids.

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