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June 07, 2007


Suzie Boss

This kind of cross-discipline thinking is just what we need to make the most of project-based learning. The skills needed for "real-life" projects--learning from mistakes, learning together, and so on--also need a place in the 21st-century classroom. In our new book, Reinventing Project-Based Learning (ISTE, fall 2007), we offer some strategies to build the project management capacity of both teachers and students.


Suzie, Thanks for the comment. I just found out about your book from Ewan McIntosh' blog the day after I wrote this post. I'm planning to write some more about this topic next week, and will mention what you and Judy have been doing.


Interesting contrast. Sometimes having a 'real'sucessful outcome is an important part of the learning process, especially for adult learners.

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