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July 20, 2007


Wesley Fryer

Good grief, I wonder why the culture of test-driven fear seems so pervasive across international boundaries and cultures? Perhaps because it is easy to teach poorly and instill fear in people, much more difficult to truly educate (in relevant and differentiated ways) and inspire people? I hope you don't face negative consequences for speaking out either, Tom. It's enlightening to read your perspectives. Turkey seems to be one of the most adamant countries in the world about censoring critical political speech. I wrote a bit about this awhile back in the post "Debating Ataturk, more bans on user created content."


While I think many conceive of Turkey as a "Middle Eastern Model" for secular government, the draconian way the government approaches free speech issues certainly seems far from exemplary or best in class.... I wonder how that cultural and governmental practice can be systemically changed, what the most fruitful ways of challenging the assumptions on which that censorship is based would be?

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