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July 25, 2007


clay burell

Your "spiky-worlder" comment on Ning has been a riddle I've puzzled over since reading it last week.

Is this what you mean?

It's a good point, clearly.

Wesley Fryer

You're sharing a much-needed perspective out here in the flat world or psuedo-flat world we're each living in, Tom. Speaking for myself (because who else can I truly speak for) I think I often get so used to living in the bubble of existence I'm in, that I forget conditions are QUITE different for others in different contexts. The fact that we're having this conversation at all is an indication of a different world than the one we grew up in, I think. Certainly there are LOTS of people not presently experiencing access to this digital world, but I feel pretty confident those numbers will continue to grow. It sounds like you've seen and experienced things in your life that give you a intense perspective on issues of poverty and prosperity, digital-haves and digital-have nots. We all may not have the good fortune to be international travelers, but to the extent we can rub minds and swap perceptions with others down the street or thousands of miles away across the planet, I think we can enrich our own lives and hopefully make us better human beings-- more informed, empowered, and motivated to make a positive difference in the fields in which we find ourselves currently planted.

Jane Nicholls

Yours is the 'voice in the wilderness'. A much needed voice saying something different to the majority of the blogosphere. Thank you for your perspective and adding a new dimension to the conversation

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